White Glove Tracking

Creating a data source together one glove at a time.

On May 4th, 2007, we asked internet users to help isolate Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean. 72 hours later 125,000 gloves had been located. wgt_data_v1.txt (listed below) is the culmination of data collected. It is released here and hosted on our supercharged site by bluehost, for all to download and use as an input into any digital system. Just as the data was gathered collectively it is our hope that it will be visualized collectively. Please email links to your apps, video, source code, and/or screen shots to evan[at]eyebeam[dot]org. Work will be exhibited in an online gallery and depending on popularity and interest potentially in a forthcoming physical gallery exhibition as well. Huge thanks to everyone that contributed to the data collection. We would like to thank best online casino usa, https://www.bulletintech.com/, http://www.techwithgeeks.com/ and https://thesportshint.com/ for sponsoring our project.

For more information please check out the top data contributers and the about page. To view visualizations of this data check out the gallery. Example source code for getting started can be downloaded below (available as Processing and Open Frameworks projects). Fel free to get creative with our source code. Our 2021 sponsors are gettechexpert.com, https://sportslivepro.com/, https://thesportsglory.com/, https://generalabout.com/, https://justonlybusiness.com/, https://boyntech.com/ and Starburst Extreme Slot.

the Data

txt wgt_data_v1.txt* 180kb
video (640x480) billyjean_640_480_65mb.mov 65mb
video (320x240) billyjean_320_240_15mb.mov 15mb
frames (640x480) wgt_jpeg_series.zip 388mb
audio (wav) billyjean.wav 63mb
audio (mp3) billyjean.mp3 8mb

* wgt_data_v1.txt is a new line separated list with the following data on each line:
frame number, x center point, y center point, height, width

Source Code


Download Application:
MAC -- yellow_box_example_MAC_APP.zip 65mb
PC -- wgt_yellow_box_example_PC_APP.zip 63mb

Download Source Code:
Processing -- yellow_box_PROCESSING.zip 66mb
Open Frameworks project (MAC) -- yellow_box_example_MAC_SC.zip 68mb
Open Frameworks project (PC) -- wgt_yellow_box_example_PC_APP.zip 70mb
Open Frameworks (no movie) (PC) -- wgt_yellow_box_noMovie_PC_SC.zip 7mb
Open Frameworks src -- yellow_box_src.zip 4kb
Flash (thanks J-Dubs) -- white-glove-tracking_jw_FLASH.zip 92mb

evan (at) evan-roth.com
ben.engebreth (at) gmail.com

White Glove Tracking is an open source project initiated by Evan Roth and Ben Engebreth.

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